Graphical User Interface

A GUI package such as EDM (Editor/Display Manager) or MEDM (Motif EDM) is often used on the clients. These allow the creation and use of scales, pointers, text boxes, simple animations, etc.

A newer and Eclipse-based collection of tools for monitoring and operating large control systems is Control System Studio.

"Phoebus" is the latest update of Control System Studio (CS-Studio). Compared to the original development it is no longer dependent on Eclipse RCP. Instead, it offers Display Builder, Data Browser, Probe, PV Tree, Alarm, Scan, .... with integration to site-specific emails, logbooks, PV name completion in a more compact package.

Phoebus FHI stable

based on

For users coming from EDUROAM / EXTERNAL:
How to access PVs: If you're using eduroam or any other Network that is not the same as your IOCs, you need to setup phoebus to use a gateway to access the PVs.

add to the settings.ini as follows: where IP_Address is the IP of the gateway computer. FEL → "felgate" > CRYVISIL → "kannsein" > direct connection to your experiments network → use its broadcast address: x.x.x.255 (replace x'es with the actual IP)


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