EPICS only for large installations?

Since EPICS has proven itself in large installations (synchrotron, telescopes, accelerators, etc.), the myth persists that it is not suitable for small and medium-sized experiments and that only LabView & Co. can be used there.

  • Exactly the opposite is the case.

The footprint of EPICS is much smaller than that of e.g. LabView

  • Resource requirements LabView (also requires Windows with costs)
Disk Space650 MB5 GB
  • Resource requirements EPICS (multiplatform, also Linux, MacOs, etc.)
RAM~ max 64 MB1 GB
Disk Space0 MB125 MB

I.e. EPICS can also be used on very cheap single board computers (RaspberryPi) and microControllers (Zynq).

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