Project list


  • FPGA based Red-Pitaya
    • to read out the pyrodetectors at the FEL, as replacement for a Rhode&Schwarz Osci which is currently displayed in a browser via https, with no data processing, no archiving etc.
    • the signals are integrated into the existing EPICS system for data processing and archiving
  • Stabilizing the beam position fluctuation
    • Position readout of the FEL beam using quatrant-based thermal power sensors
    • EPICS based control loop on the actuators

Real-time data acquisition



  • EPICS for UHV systems/ORLando XPS
    • Installation of EPICS in an existing MXPS system
    • schema.pdf
  • EPICS based control of measuring instruments

Department of Inorganic Chemistry

Department of Physical Chemistry

Image processing with EPICS

  • processing of image information from one or more Ethernet-capable cameras
  • Reading and processing of the image information with EPICS
  • Real time analysis
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