Build EPICS Base

This is the main core of EPICS, which includes the build system and tools, common and operating system interface libraries, channel access client and server libraries, static and runtime database access routines, database processing code and standard dataset, device and driver support.

EPICS Base Structure
Acquiring and Unpacking the EPICS Source
Prepare your system You need make, c++ and libreadline to compile from source. On Linux you can use "apt-get install".

epics@workstation:~$ sudo apt-get install g++ make libreadline-dev

Install EPICS

epics@workstation:~$ mkdir $HOME/EPICS
epics@workstation:~$ cd $HOME/EPICS
epics@workstation:~$ git clone --recursive
epics@workstation:~$ cd epics-base
epics@workstation:~$ make

Set environment variables

After compiling you should put the path into $HOME/.bashrc by adding the following to either one of those files:

export EPICS_BASE=${HOME}/EPICS/epics-base
export EPICS_HOST_ARCH=$(${EPICS_BASE}/startup/EpicsHostArch)

The export command above will be useful for future software development. Add it to the ~/.bashrc file with a text editor (such as nano ~/.bashrc).


Now log out and log in again, so that your new path is set correctly. Alternatively, you can execute the three lines above beginning with export directly from the terminal.

Run softIoc and, if everything is ok, you should see an EPICS prompt.


You can exit with ctrl-c or by typing exit.

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