Build EPICS Base

This is the main core of EPICS, which includes the build system and tools, common and operating system interface libraries, channel access client and server libraries, static and runtime database access routines, database processing code and standard dataset, device and driver support.

2 EPICS Base Structure
2.1 Acquiring and Unpacking the EPICS Source

epics@workstation:~$ mkdir epics

epics@workstation:~$ cd epics

epics@workstation:~/epics$ pwd


epics@workstation:~/epics$ wget

Alternative: wget

epics@workstation:~/epics$ tar -xf base-7.0.3.tar.gz

2.2 Set environment variables

epics@workstation:~/epics$ cd base-7.0.3/startup/
epics@workstation:~/epics/base-7.0.3/startup$ export EPICS_HOST_ARCH=$(./EpicsHostArch)

epics@workstation:~/epics/base-7.0.3/startup$ printenv EPICS_HOST_ARCH


For this installation, linux-x86_64 is the EPICS host architecture as returned from the perl script Substitute the correct host architecture as necessary throughout this documentation.
The export command above will be useful for future software development. Add it to the ~/.bashrc file with a text editor (such as nano ~/.bashrc).

2.3 Install Packages

epics@workstation:~/epics/base-7.0.3$ sudo apt-get install g++ make

2.4 Disable command-line editing and history in iocsh

Comment out all COMMANDLINE_LIBRARY declarations in file CONFIG_SITE.Common.linux-x86_64

Skipping this step may result in a failed build.

epics@workstation:~/epics/base-7.0.3/configure/os$ grep COMMANDLINE_LIBRARY CONFIG_SITE.Common.linux-x86_64


epics@workstation:~/epics/base-7.0.3/configure/os$ nano CONFIG_SITE.Common.linux-x86_64

2.5 Build the base

Remove all files and directories from the previous build.

epics@workstation:~/epics/base-7.0.3$ make clean uninstall

Run make.

epics@workstation:~/epics/base-7.0.3$ make

If you write the command -j x after the make command, several threads can be started at the same time. We recommend at least as many threads as there are cores in the system. So use your core number or more for x.

2.6 Permanently set path to EPICS base

epics@workstation:~$ nano ~/.bashrc

Add the following line to the end and save.

export PATH=~/epics/base-7.0.3/bin/linux-x86_64:$PATH

Open new terminals to invoke changes.

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