Build Asyn Driver

asynDriver (also called Asyn) is a universal device for connecting device-specific code to low-level communication drivers.

A primary goal of asynDriver is to support EPICS IOC devices, but apart from using the EPICS build system and the libCom library, most of the code has been designed to be used outside an EPICS IOC.

4 Build asynDriver 4.1 Acquire and unpack asynDriver source

epics@workstation:~/epics$ mkdir modules
epics@workstation:~/epics$ cd modules
epics@workstation:~/epics/modules/$ wget
epics@workstation:~/epics/modules/$ tar -xf asyn4-36.tar.gz

4.2 Modify RELEASE file

epics@workstation:~/epics/modules/asyn4-36/configure$ sudo nano RELEASE

Edit the following defines

  • Change
  • to
  • Comment out the following lines with a #
    • IPAC=$(SUPPORT)/ipac-2-11
    • SNCSEQ=$(SUPPORT)/seq-2-1-10

4.3 Build Asyn

epics@workstation:~/epics/modules/asyn4-36/configure$ cd ..
epics@workstation:~/epics/modules/asyn4-36$ make
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