Build Stream Device

StreamDevice is a generic EPICS device support for devices with a "byte stream"-based communication interface. That is, devices that can be controlled by sending and receiving strings (in the broadest sense, including non-printable characters and even null bytes). Examples of this type of communication interface are the serial interface (RS-232, RS-485,...), IEEE-488 (also known as GPIB or HP-IB) and telnet-like TCP/IP. More information can be found here.

Build Stream Device

epics@workstation:~$ cd $HOME/EPICS/support
epics@workstation:~/EPICS/support$ git clone
epics@workstation:~/EPICS/support$ cd StreamDevice/
epics@workstation:~/EPICS/support/StreamDevice$rm GNUmakefile

Edit $HOME/EPICS/support/StreamDevice/configure/RELEASE to specify the install location of EPICS base and of additional software modules, for example:


or use the RELEASE.local

The sCalcout record is part of synApps. If streamDevice should be built with support for this record, you have to install at least the calc module from SynApps first. For now let’s just comment out that line with # for it to be ignored.


If you want to enable regular expression matching, you need the PCRE package. For most Linux systems, it is already installed. In that case tell StreamDevice the locations of the PCRE header file and library. However, the pre-installed package can only by used for the host architecture. Thus, add them not to RELEASE but to RELEASE.Common.linux-x86 (if linux-x86 is your EPICS_HOST_ARCH). Be aware that different Linux distributions may locate the files in different directories.


For 64 bit installations, the path to the library may be different:


Again, if you’re not interested in support for reular expression matching at this time then you can comment out any lines referring to PCRE in the configure/RELEASE file using a #. It can always be added later.

Finally run make (we are in the directory ...EPICS/support/StreamDevice)

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