Build Stream Device

StreamDevice is a generic EPICS device support for devices with a "byte stream"-based communication interface. That is, devices that can be controlled by sending and receiving strings (in the broadest sense, including non-printable characters and even null bytes). Examples of this type of communication interface are the serial interface (RS-232, RS-485,...), IEEE-488 (also known as GPIB or HP-IB) and telnet-like TCP/IP. More information can be found here.

5 Build Stream Device

epics@workstation:~/epics/modules/$ mkdir StreamDevice
epics@workstation:~/epics/modules/StreamDevice$ wget
epics@workstation:~/epics/modules/StreamDevice$ unzip
epics@workstation:~/epics/modules/StreamDevice$ make

edit RELEASE, see Modules and comment out from PCRE


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