Video chat


You are invited to a DFNconf meeting: Name of the meeting room: EPICS@MPG Number of the meeting room: 97973098

To attend the meeting, you have the following options:

	- With your browser under Windows, MacOS, GNU/Linux:

	- With a SIP/H.323 room system or SIP/H.323 client:

H.323: 004910097973098 SIP:

	- With a telephone (audio only):

Dial 0049 30 200 97973098

	- About Skype for Business:

	- Mobile with smartphone:

Prerequisite is the pre-installed Pexip App at Android: iOS:

Type it in:

Wait until your host has entered the meeting room. For a connection test, please visit the following website:

Please also note the information on data protection at

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