EPICS in the Max-Planck-Society

EPICS Collaboration Fall Meeting 2020 Virtual Conference - Video recording

EPICS meetings provide a chance for developers and managers from the various different sites to come together and discuss their work in progress and make plans for the future. They give a chance to see what is being done at other laboratories, and to review the specifications for new tools or enhancements to existing ones in order to maximize their usefulness to the whole community and avoid duplication of effort.

EPICS offers a collection of software tools for the construction of distributed control systems for experimental physics projects.

EPICS includes a runtime database, robust network protocols, an extensive collection of device drivers for hardware connectivity, and a set of client tools for operator control and monitoring. It also includes data archiving and alarms.

The modular design is extensible and can easily be used to meet the technical requirements of a variety of experimental physics projects.

The software is operating system and platform independent, and since it is an open source product, you can make changes and improvements yourself at any time.

All processing algorithms and time behavior are fully traceable and documented under version control.

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