Further development of OpenSource products: EPICS

EPICS is a software that is of great benefit to the Max Planck Society and represents an alternative to the vendor-lock software LabView, which is subject to a fee.

The project started on 01.06.2019 with a term of 2 years. It was extended by the software commission for another 2 years.

A big problem of community software is very often a lack of documentation and entry help for beginners but also easy to handle hardware systems. This is e.g. the big strength of the competing product LabView (which also have a very active sales department, which makes it possible to for open source software products). Commercial products manoeuvre the MPG but into large financial dependencies and cumbersome products that tend to be more commercial Success is more important than the support of scientific systems.

Application for further development of OS products: EPICS

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