Training Course

To take the impulse of the very successful EPICS meeting ( we (ELAB & PP&B) start a seminar for education/training in EPICS.

The seminar will take place from November, every Monday from 15:30 to 16:30. For the trainees of both groups the course is obligatory.

The course will take place virtually and is open to all interested parties.

You are welcome to use these meetings to discuss current measurement problems or to discuss planned purchases.

We will record individual lectures and post them on the YouTube channel "epicsmpg" (

We will provide hardware (based on the RapsberryPi 4) to build a measurement hardware. Graphical interfaces (e.g. Phoebus) and the ArchiverAppliance will be used.

The course takes place for the first time on November 2nd. If required, we will be happy to teach in English.

On Monday at 15:30 we start with the "open" EPICS course. (Organized and conducted by ELab and PP&B)

We meet in the following room: Access code : 102890

Additionally there is a hands-on from our colleagues from KEK. Here is a very simple description of a small EPICS system which is based on a BeagleBone.


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