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procServ - Process Server with Telnet Console and Log Access

procServ(1) creates a run time environment for a command (e.g. a soft IOC). It forks a server run as a daemon into the background, which creates a child process running 'command' with all remaining 'args' from the command line. The server provides control access (stdin/stdout) to the child process console by offering a telnet connection at the specified 'endpoint'(s).


cd /opt/
git clone -b v2.8.0 procServ
cd /opt/procServ
./configure --with-systemd-utils --disable-doc
make install


sudo manage-procs add -C /home/epics/FHI/theIOC/iocboot/iocTheIoc -U epics -G epics theIOC ./st.cmd


sudo manage-procs start theIOC


sudo manage-procs attach theIOC


*procServ* ['OPTIONS'] -P 'endpoint'... 'command' 'args'...

*procServ* ['OPTIONS'] 'endpoint' 'command' 'args'...
epics@workstation:~$ manage-procs --help
usage: manage-procs [-h] [--user] [--system] [-v]

positional arguments:
status Report state of procServ instances
list List procServ instances
add Create a new procServ instance
remove Remove a procServ instance
write-procs-cf Write conserver config
start Start a procServ instance
stop Stop a procServ instance
attach Attach to a procServ instance

optional arguments:
-h, --help show this help message and exit
--user Consider user config
--system Consider system config
-v, --verbose
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