Work plan

Work packages:

  • Preparation of documentation (possibly also in German) of the EPICS structure (records, ca, pva)
  • Preparation of training documents for lectures, lectures and handouts
  • Collaboration in the processing of bugs and development (core developer)
  • Development of an entry-level hardware for borrowing within the MPG (simple hardware, e.g. raspberryPi, analog and digital I/O, terminal server, measuring instruments, etc.)
  • Support of MPIs


  • Recruitment of employees
  • Creating an information platform (Wiki, Maillists)
  • Organization Membership Epics-Council
  • Continuous participation in Epics meetings and MPG events
  • Creation of documentation ( English and German, on own web site)
  • Planning, procurement, setup of hardware for demo systems
  • Preparation of training documents for lectures, lectures and handouts
  • Working with Epics core developer, fixing small bugs, testing
  • Active addressing MPG institutes, support in implementations
3rd quarter 20194rd quarter 20191st quarter 20202nd quarter 20203rd quarter 20204rd quarter 20201st quarter 20212nd quarter 2021
EPICS Wiki Creation      
Analyze user requirements      
demo system development      
  Demo system presentation
Project presentation and advertising in the MPG 
       Analyze if the project has fulfilled its purpose
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